Nurse Helps Patient with Home and Personal Safety Challenge

November 2016 | Home care nurses, aides and other home care staff often perform good works that go well beyond the core of their training.

Carla Rhodes, of Rochester-based UR Medicine Home Care, was recently the primary nurse on a case with ongoing social concerns. She made all the patient visits herself, regularly updating all staff regarding the patient’s status and concerns. A team player, Ms. Rhodes enlisted the help of social work and adult protective services (APS) to deal with verbal, financial and other concerns in the patient’s home.

During a co-visit, when the patient told Rhodes she needed to leave the home because the patient didn’t feel safe, Ms. Rhodes managed to communicate options with the patient, to contact the social worker, APS, and security while remaining in the home even as the social situation worsened. “She demonstrated calmness and resourcefulness while safely communicating with the patient and others,” says her agency, UR Medicine Home Care.

Ms. Rhodes spent two hours in the patient’s home, and another half hour in a nearby parking lot arranging for the patient’s safe exit from the home. “The time in the parking lot showed a fellow co-worker that Carla was anxious and frightened about safety concerns, but you never would have known that she was anxious while in the home,” her agency says.

“Carla routinely exceeds standards of care in her compassion, reliability and communication, but her recent performance assisting a patient dealing with safety issues was Academy Award worthy, and we are eternally grateful that she was in the home to help in a volatile situation,” says UR Home Care. “Carla is an outstanding, compassionate nurse who views every patient holistically, and who went above and beyond expectations to secure the safety of this patient.”

As a result of her efforts, the patient was able to not only receive the proper care, but also be placed in a safer living situation.

During National Home Care Month in November, HCA is recognizing the work of home care providers and staff to serve the community, including exceptional work to support the social, environmental and safety needs of vulnerable patients, as demonstrated by Carla Rhodes’ heroic work. To read more of these stories, please visit our National Home Care Month website at