National Home Care Month Profile: Alicia (Melia) Gagne-Giuffo

November 2017 | Alicia (Melia) Gagne-Giuffo has worked as a coordinator of care at MJHS since July 2016, demonstrating exemplary practice as a home care nurse consistently providing high quality care to her patients. She is constantly selected to take new nurses and others out in the field to demonstrate home visits due to the quality of her care. 

She works well with all members of the team, communicating information in a timely and professional manner. She demonstrates commitment and caring to her patients by taking extraordinary measures to ensure that they receive the follow up they need.

Melia is regularly recognized by her patients for providing excellent customer service, and she has participated in special projects such as MJHS’s Visit Design program that allows excellent clinicians to offer their expertise in standardizing processes for all staff. She has taken initiative to ensure consistency of care in the treatment of challenging cases.

In one particular intervention, Melia prevented a potential re-hospitalization by responding quickly to a patient call late in the day regarding a foley catheter which was not draining. The home care team did not have an order to change the foley, but Melia strongly advocated for the patient and was able to obtain an order from the doctor to change the foley, allowing the patient to remain safely at home.

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