Home Care Heroes

Extraordinary Circumstances, Extraordinary Individuals: Home Care Heroes in the COVID-19 Pandemic

During National Home Care Month, in November, the Home Care Association of New York State (HCA) recognizes thirty exceptional individuals as part of our Home Care Heroes campaign.

Each Hero was nominated by a home care or hospice agency in many regions of New York State. HCA has created an individualized profile link telling each person’s story with a picture (see profile links below).

“During the COVID-19 health emergency, thousands of home care and hospice aides, nurses and therapists marshaled their unique skills and capacity for caring to help patients amid new fears, anxieties and intensified needs,” said HCA President Al Cardillo. “Their contributions to the pandemic response are nothing short of miraculous, in large part because their great work has exemplified what home care always accomplishes, during ordinary times, to address countless individual needs and urgencies.”

“There is no better time than National Home Care Month, in November, to honor their service and heroism,” he added.